Bali Plus Magazine is one of the oldest tourism and travel mag- azine on the island. Entering its 24th year in 2020,, this monthly pocketsized magazine was created with the aim to provide useful up-to-date information for travellers and tour- ists on everything unique and relevant in Bali; from Balinese Hindu culture and ceremonies to the latest, most fashionable events and launches that’s taking place across the island. The magazine has a strong online presence and engagement via its website, daily e-newsletters and social media platforms which are updated daily.


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Jakarta’s leading city guide, made by locals for locals. Over the years, Area Magazine be- came the go-to publication and the preferred source of updates on trends, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment, arts and culture, kids program and family events taking place in and around Ja- karta.

A worth reading for shopaholic and fashionista who highly val- ues their lifestyle. I Style Maga- zine gives the readers information about latest fashion trends both in Jakarta and Bali. Fashion tips and information about Bali includ- ing shopping, entertainment, art and cultural events are featured as well. A lot of Bali residents and business societies will choose I Style over any other publications when looking for high-quality shopping guide and lifestyle infor- mation.

A fabulous shopping guide for the modern men and women looking for the latest trends with the freshest fashion ideas that the whole family will enjoy. Take a look at exciting new fashion trends, fun de- signs and celebrity styles that range from casual to formal with ex- citing elements to keep it edgy. Stay up-to-date with the latest in movies, gadgets, beauty & wellness as well as lifestyle products for a vibrant and energetic you.

An official publication of Hy- dro Coco. Updates and news about how to get the full benefit of coconut to health as well as smart tips for a healthy life.

Not just an ordinary map, it is a map with smart guides to acco- modations, restaurants, shopping and tourist attractions in Bali. NAVIGATOR BALI gives you ideas about what do you want to do in Bali and the upcoming cultural events that worth a visit.

A fun and stylish magazine for the whole family to enjoy, Resin- da Magazine covers everything chic under the sun; fashion, food, travel and lifestyle tips! In its glossy pages, you’ll find ev- erything essential for your ev- eryday survival in the modern world of contemporary trends and style. It was first launched recently in July 2017 and has therefore become the latest ad- dition to the company’s many accomplishments.

In cooperation with Bali Hotel Association, we publishes this magazine aiming to give beneficial information about the wide variety of lifestyle, dining, adventure and entertainment options Bali has to offer. The in- formation is categorised by geographical area to highlight each briefly and complete.

A comprehensive guide book to Flores. The book is published in two series, Flores: A Glimpse of the People & Culture and Flores: Diving Around Komodo. These books aim to promote Flores as a tourism destination. From history to tourist destinations, every detail is briefly explained in this series of book.

PT Trijaya Dewata was the of cial publisher for the AirAsia Indonesia’s in- ight magazine, Travel 3Sixty In- donesia. First launched in 2014, the magazine complements the Travel 3Sixty International Edition with a unique concept and approach to meet the distinctive taste and trends of trav- elling Indonesians.