American Express has long been recognized as one of the world’s most respect- ed service brands due to its travel and entertainment heritage, and premium services. As a well-known global brand, American Express partners with local banks in countries across the globe and
Indonesia is one among the countries. In indonesia, Bank Danamon has been chosen as the partner of American Ex- press, thus Bank Danamon manages the American Express Merchants busi- ness in Indonesia and since 1 Septem- ber 2006 has become the sole issuer of American Express Card in Indonesia.

In line with efforts to promote Bali as the
world’s most favourite holiday destina-
tion and to further enhance relationship
with merchants, Bank Danamon has appointed PT. Trijaya Dewata to publish and distribute an exclusive travel guide to Bali: GUIDE TO BALI BY AMERICAN EXPRESS.

PT. Trijaya Dewata also supports American Express:

• To augment the regional & local country year bng program

• To work with partners to garner better privileges on shorter program periods.

• To cover sectors including spa, golf, resorts, restaurants, shopping partners,